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Application of industrial computer in logistics so

2020-12-03 14:02:56

In order to continuously try to reduce manpower input, logistics industry in developed countries is trying to improve warehousing efficiency and develop new projects. In China, Shunfeng, Jingdong, Amazon and Alibaba have also taken measures to realize the strategic layout of "artificial intelligence + express delivery". Automatic intelligent logistics sorting equipment can save 50% in labor cost and 3 times or more in time cost.
The direct and obvious advantage of mechanized production is that it will greatly improve the efficiency in the production process, and the use of machine sorting, scanning and warehousing will greatly reduce the input of manpower. In a complete automated logistics warehousing system, sorting system is the key core of logistics automation.


The automatic sorting system is generally composed of control device, sorting device, conveying device and sorting crossing

1. The function of the control device is to identify, receive and process the sorting signals. According to the requirements of the sorting signals, the sorting devices are instructed, and the commodities are automatically classified according to the commodity varieties, delivery places or cargo owners. These sorting requirements can be input into the sorting control system in different ways, such as bar code scanning, color code scanning, keyboard input, weight detection, voice recognition, height detection and shape recognition, etc. according to the judgment of these sorting signals, which sorting crossing should be entered for a certain commodity can be determined.
2. The function of the sorting device is to change the running direction of the conveying device to enter other conveyors or to enter the sorting crossing according to the sorting instructions sent by the control device. When the goods with the same sorting signal pass through the device, the device will act to change the running direction on the conveying device and enter into other conveyors or sorting crossings. There are many kinds of sorting devices, such as push-out type, floating type, inclined type and branch type. Different devices have different requirements on the packing materials, packing weight and smoothness of the bottom surface of the packing materials.
3. The main component of the conveying device is the conveyor belt or conveyor. Its main function is to make the goods to be sorted pass through the control device and sorting device, and the two sides of the conveying device are generally connected with a number of sorting crossings to make the Classified Goods slide down the main conveyor (or main conveyor belt) for subsequent operation.
4. The sorting crossing is the channel through which sorted goods leave the main conveyor (or main conveyor belt) and enter the cargo collection area. Generally, it is composed of steel belt, belt, roller, etc. to make the goods slide from the main conveyor to the collection platform. There, the staff will concentrate all the goods at the crossing, store them in the warehouse, or assemble loading vehicles and carry out distribution operations.
The above four parts of the device are connected together by computer network, and constitute a complete automatic sorting system with manual control and corresponding manual processing links.
The automatic sorting system can sort goods continuously and in large quantities. It can run continuously without the limitation of climate, time and human physical strength, which greatly improves the work efficiency and logistics cost. In addition to hardware support, such a powerful logistics sorting system also needs embedded industrial computer hardware products with strong performance, strong durability, good stability and high accuracy to assist the whole logistics sorting system.


Characteristics of lihaojie industrial computer in intelligent logistics sorting system
1. Support multi-point touch, make touch more light, smooth, the system uses cutting-edge technology, for large capacity data query, the response speed is also at a fingertip, do not have to worry about waiting, really achieve "Pentium" speed
2. It is easy to operate and has friendly interface. It can accurately master the use method of touch all-in-one machine without knowing the professional knowledge of computer
3. Support 3D light source scanning, can recognize the size and thickness of the object, fully display the real characteristics of the object, and can identify the effective action to determine the current object change. It also has powerful functions such as dead point screening, intelligent repair, remote upgrade and update, making the touch more stable and after-sales more simple
4. Light source induction, no pressure touch, support hands, pens and other opaque objects operation
5. Resolution: 3840x2160
6. Brightness 450 CD / m2:
7. Contrast: 5000:1
8. Visual angle: 89 ° / 89 ° / 89 ° / 89 °


Application evaluation
The automatic sorting system can realize the automatic identification and partition of express, reduce the labor intensity of sorting personnel, save labor costs, and realize continuous sorting, improve sorting efficiency, and gradually transform the traditional manual based logistics business process to intelligent and intelligent.

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