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Application of industrial all in one machine in me

2020-11-30 15:59:31

With the rapid development of information technology, hospitals are gradually realizing the digital and network management of medical information. The medical image data is transformed into computer digital form. Through high-speed computer equipment and communication network, the medical image data can be collected, displayed, stored, exchanged and output, so that the medical image data can be effectively managed and fully utilized.
From registration to distribution of diagnostic data, it is often manually transmitted. Due to human resources, it is difficult for hospitals to deliver real-time data to each patient. Centralized distribution of data has become a major reason for patients to wait. In order to deal with a large number of reports and films in time, the hospital spent a lot of manpower. In view of these situations, the system can achieve automatic classification, patient self-service access, and is not affected by time and staff commuting. The design and application of self-service film taking machine can fundamentally solve these problems.
The medical self-service film taking machine is mainly used for the self-service equipment system for patients to obtain the corresponding image film and examination report after completing the examination of CT, Mr, Dr, Cr, digital gastrointestinal and DSA. The perfect combination of advanced network transmission technology and self-service film taking equipment provides a new practical way for patients to obtain image film and diagnostic report by swiping card.
Characteristics of lihaojie 21.5 inch industrial Android all in one machine in medical self-service film taking machine
1. HDMI + VGA + DVI, HDMI + VGA + DVI, high definition video display, multiple interfaces, supporting various medical card induction, strip scanning, supporting bill printing (identification card: IC card, RFID card, barcode card, ID card, medical card, magnetic stripe card, social security card).
2. Simple and clear man-machine dialogue interface, graphic tips, capacitive touch screen, convenient operation, high accuracy, safe and reliable access to high-quality and stable image information.
3. Aluminum alloy material, anti-interference, anti-static, stable internal operation
Application evaluation
The application of medical self-service film taking machine can effectively improve the diagnosis efficiency and realize efficient management. The improvement of diagnosis efficiency not only facilitates patients, but also ensures the timeliness of clinical treatment, reduces the number of queuing and the workload of staff, reduces errors, saves manpower and alleviates the contradiction between doctors and patients.
application environment
Laboratory and pathology department, outpatient hall and physical examination center of each unit


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