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2281 Industrial LCD driver board

2020-12-03 16:35:41

Rtd2281w-v1.1 board supports single channel / dual channel 6bit / 8bit LVDS interface TFT LCD.
1. The input signal is computer analog RGB (VGA) / digital interface (DVI). The impedance to ground is 75 ohm and the signal amplitude is 0.7vp-p. it supports separate line / field synchronization and composite synchronization;
2. The resolution of input analog RGB signal can support 640 * 480 75Hz, 800 * 600 75Hz, 1024 * 768 75Hz, 1280 * 1024 75Hz, 1366 * 768 75Hz, 1680 * 1050
75Hz, 1600 * 1200, 75Hz, 1920 * 1200, 75Hz. It can scale the input signal in a wide range from VGA to WUXGA, so as to achieve the best display.
3. The input power is 12V DC( Min:9V , Max:18V )The current is above 2.0A (the power consumption of the driving board itself is not more than 2W under the working state of the pure display; other power consumption also includes sound power amplifier,
Backlight of high voltage board and LCD
4. The driving signal output to LCD supports single pixel 8-bit or 6-bit and dual pixel 8-bit or 6-bit LVDS interface TFT LCD, with display color up to 16.7 million colors;
5. Plug and play, in line with VESA DDC1 / 2B standard;
6. The OSD menu can be adjusted flexibly with 6 or 5 keys (mostly for VGA / DVI). The contents include brightness, contrast, phase, clock, image position, position of OSD menu itself,
OSD menu language, color temperature, volume, factory reset, etc;
7. It can support most models of digital TFT LCD of 42 inch and below from Au, LG Philips, Samsung, CPT, sharp, Chimei, fujistu, HannStar, Sanyo, etc,
The LCD interface cable and software may need to be modified

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