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Do you know ten tips for using industrial display?

2020-12-03 14:52:05

With the acceleration of China's industrialization process, the use of industrial displays has been widely used, and its replacement speed is also very fast. Tablet computers that can be touched now are very popular. However, for the initial users, it is difficult to quickly familiarize with the touch screen scheduling console. Here are some tips for using the industrial flat panel touch screen.
If the industrial display does not display clearly, you can try to use the large button as a simple click on the interface. After entering the best, run your program in full screen, which can speed up the application. Putting colors in the background of your screen is everyone's favorite question. My advice is to use bright colors to protect your eyes and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Then there is the protection of tablet computer problems. We think that there are some problems in this kind of high-tech products that may not affect their use, and many people will not pay attention to these problems. But it will be like a mountain of disease, and the problem will eventually become serious. Therefore, attention should be paid to maintenance.
One thing to be reminded here is that industrial touch displays sometimes get stuck in the system, and many users will walk away after touching the screen. That's not good. You can change some unimportant modes to improve the efficiency of the system. Touch screen control desk is a very good thing. You can add aspects in the understanding.
1. Simple click interface with large buttons: drag, double-click, scroll bar, drop-down menu, various windows or other factors will confuse some unskilled use, reduce the affinity for products and reduce their use efficiency.
2. Run your application in full screen: delete the file name bar and menu bar, so you can enjoy the benefits of running the whole screen.
3. Use bright background color (don't use black): bright background color can hide fingerprint and reduce visual impact caused by glare light. Other patterned backgrounds, such as crumpled paper patterns, will cause the eye to focus on the screen image rather than reflection on the screen, even in areas where there are no icons and menu options.
4. Users of the home will receive feedback when touching the screen: immediate feedback is very important for using the home to confirm that the touch has been accepted. The response can be visual, such as a stereo button effect similar to a standard window button, or it can be a sound as, that is, whenever a user touches the screen, he will hear a "click" sound or other sound. Make sure that the monitor will immediately clear the previous screen and the hourglass icon (or other similar icon) will appear on the screen before the next screen appears.
5. Move the mouse cursor so that the user can pay attention to the whole screen instead of the arrow: the mouse arrow on the screen will remind the user how to use the arrow to do what I want to do? If the arrow is removed, the user's thinking and behavior will change from indirect to direct. In this way, the real power of the touch screen appears.
6. When designing self-service inquiry machine, please consider the following factors: do you use exhaust fan? Place the fan on top near the monitor outlet. When walking, try to reduce the dust caused by it, remove the dust on the ground, and prevent air from entering the display screen. Aim the speaker at the user's ear. Please call ELO to inquire about the multi-functional touch screen. Otherwise, you have to allow monitors to have multiple external sizes because they are fast. The monitor must be mounted on a safe and stable base. In this case, the touch is firm. Finally, select a to hide fingerprints without using bright stainless steel, chrome and bright black paint.
7. Make your app fun and fast: if the system is slow, users will definitely walk away. By reacting quickly to their touch, you can lock their attention. High speed systems will also reduce the amount of vandalism. Picture mode requires too much color and high resolution, which only slows down the system. Use color is more effective than use at high resolution.
8. Digital dialogue with users through applications (via sound card): since the human brain can accept sounds and images at the same time, it is almost magical to have a user interface that provides voice and touch response. Better self-service machine applications take this knowledge to the extreme. For example, - click the first letter of the name company you want to find. -Click. -Please click OK now. -Click.
9. Make your application more attractive packaging: animations and large fonts help make self-service machines more attractive. Then, the appearance design of the self-service machine should also be attractive and powerful.
10. The industrial display makes the application intuitive and simple, and guides the use: let a specific person use it, enter your touch screen, and then test it as. If use is suspended due to lack of understanding, even for a period of time, you should find out what needs to be improved.
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