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The important role of seamless splicing screen in

2020-11-30 16:01:24

In the past two years, seamless knotting has become a new display technology in the field of industrial displays. In the traditional industrial display market, we have two main categories, one is outdoor large screen display, LED display is the main type, the other is indoor display based on LCD splicing series products, and the other is DLP. Including bonding screen, touch screen, etc. Seamless junction screen is a new technology based on LCD technology. Once launched, it will quickly enter the high-end application market.
In the indoor display market, the main application is based on the monitor display, making it the most widely used LCD splicing product. We obviously glue black edges together, but the sizes are different, and this factor only increases the size of seams with the development of mainstream technologies such as seams, because Samsung, LG and other major panel manufacturers are unable to produce rimless panels. It is not possible to change because it can. The thickness on both sides is 6.7mm, but it has now dropped to at least 1.7mm and the industry is narrowing.
With the development of large screen, not only in the field of monitoring, but also in the promotion and display of other large screen splicing products, seamless splicing screen emerges as the times require. However, HD splicing display can only meet the requirements of LCD splicing products, so how to remove the black edge and realize barrier free display is particularly important. The smooth splicing screen is based on the original LCD splicing. The improved technology redisplays the image with physical seam through LED lamp, so as to achieve the effect of full screen display integration.
Seamless splicing screens do not have black borders, full screen HD and stitching effects, so they are widely used for very demanding screens, such as corporate video conferencing and original professionals in the field. For DLP splicing, seamless splicing screen can directly compete with DLP, and the display effect of seamless splicing screen is better than both. Therefore, the application of new technologies can accelerate the elimination of existing technologies. Can do it. According to the industry data, the market share of DLP intersection is decreasing year by year.
Therefore, it is groundbreaking for industrial display to introduce seamless splicing screen in the field of indoor large screen display. On the one hand, it promotes the renewal of new and old technologies; on the other hand, it promotes the profit growth of the industry, making the whole industry more active and larger. Make the development of screen display area more balanced and rich.
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