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LCD screen dark spot?

2020-11-30 17:16:07

With the progress of science and technology, LCD screen is becoming more and more popular. However, the inherent defects of LCD screen are also paid attention to. When it comes to the dark spots of LCD screen, many people may not understand it. Xiaobian will teach you how to see dark spots today, hoping to help you.
What is the dark spot of LCD? In fact, dark spots are more hidden than bright spots and bad spots, but their impact on use is much greater than that of bad spots. Sometimes, on some screens, there will be some patches that are not very big. The dark class is as big as a soybean, and the big one may be as big as a thumb. Different from the bright spots and dark spots, the dark class only darkens the local color slightly, which is not easy to be found when viewed from the front, but can be found only when viewed from the side.

The main reason for the formation of dark spots is due to the external force for a long time, and we think that it is probably due to improper handling in the transportation process. A LCD screen with dark spots is usually hard to find on the front, but relatively obvious on the side (just use it as a test visual angle). We suggest that when purchasing LCD screen, you should not just look at the display screen to find bad points. You should look at the screen surface from multiple angles, and set the screen to white. If you find the problem of dark spots at this time, the dark spots will disappear.


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