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Notes on transportation of LCD

2020-11-30 17:15:35

Although most people know that LCD should be handled with care in the process of transportation and storage to avoid falling, knocking and impact during transportation, there are still many LCD screens with scratch, fragmentation or other damage from the time of delivery to receiving. So, in the process of transportation, how to keep the LCD?
First, when packaging LCD, the manufacturer's personnel must use soft box or polyethylene composite bubble pad one by one to wrap the LCD screen tightly, and then put it in the large packing box. Moreover, the number of LCD screens in the large packing box should not be too much, so as to avoid the scratch and fragmentation of the industrial display screen caused by the friction and collision of the display screen.
Second, in the process of delivery, the appearance of each LCD should be inspected and inspected. When the LCD screen is found to be damaged, it is necessary to communicate with the logistics company's LCD supplier in time to determine the third party's liability, so as to avoid other disputes caused by the damage of the LCD screen.


Third, as for the storage of LCD screens, if the number of LCD screens purchased by single purchase is too large, we should pay attention to some details when storing them. For example, we should ensure that each display screen is complete and undamaged before warehousing. Before warehousing, we should use polyethylene bubble pad to pack and seal the LCD screen in a cool and dark place, and we can't put any items on the packing box for storing LCD.
The above are some common problems about the transportation and storage of LCD related products, hoping to help you. Understanding these common sense can also reduce the damage rate of LCD and save costs.


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