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Chemical structure and requirement analysis of liq

2020-11-30 16:01:59

Liquid crystal polymer is also called liquid crystal polymer, abbreviated as LCP. Liquid crystal molecules will become liquid crystals when heated. Today, I'd like to share with you the chemical structure and requirement analysis of liquid crystal molecules in LCD screen.
The molecular requirements of LCD screen are as follows:
1. The length diameter ratio (L / D) of liquid crystal molecules must be greater than 4
2. The molecular long axis of LCD screen should not be easy to bend, and it should be rigid. Therefore, double or triple bonds are often introduced into the central part of the molecule to form a conjugated system to obtain a rigid linear structure or keep the molecule in trans configuration to obtain linear structure.

3. The end of the molecule contains polar or accessible groups. Through the action of intermolecular electric force and dispersive force, the molecular orientation is kept in order.
Relationship between chemical structure and properties of liquid crystal molecules
The properties of liquid crystals, including stability and phase transition regularity, all depend on the molecular structure of liquid crystals. The study of the relationship between the two is significant for the synthesis and application of new liquid crystal materials. The chemical structure of liquid crystal molecules has an obvious influence on the stability of liquid crystal, including chemical stability, electrochemical stability, photochemical stability and thermal stability. The phase characteristics of liquid crystal are near crystal phase or nematic phase, whether it is monotropic or tautomeric phase, and the temperature range of mesomorphic phase also has regular relationship with some structural factors.
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