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The main function of industrial tablet computer in

2020-12-03 15:01:51

Industrial tablet computer also known as industrial computer, with the popularity of machine replacement, more and more widely used in industrial control field.
The main functions of industrial tablet computer in automation control include:
1. Data visualization:
Industrial tablet computers display important production data in real time with a friendly human-computer interface, which improves operators' productivity and optimizes production lines.
2. Data collection:
Through the rich I / O connection options of the industrial Tablet PC all in one, it can collect important data from manufacturing equipment, air conditioning equipment, heating system, lighting materials and sensors.
3. Data analysis:
Industrial tablet computers can process and analyze data in real time, prevent the collapse of power generation system, ensure better production efficiency, and reduce labor, material and energy costs.
4. Monitoring and control:
Industrial tablet computer through the network settings, to ensure that in extreme environments 24 hours continuous remote monitoring and control.

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